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Conformance to the following rules and regulations is essential to the efficient operation of the Training Academy. All students will familiarize themselves with these rules & regulations and be held responsible for compliance.

All students are permitted to use the US Government Road (Normandy Road) between Nut Swamp Rd. and West Front St. only.

Students are required to report to the Training Academy 15 minutes prior to the start of all classes.

Students will park in the Student Parking Lot near the main entrance. No exceptions. Parking is strictly prohibited in the following areas:

  • All parking lanes marked for Handicapped Parking

  • All parking lanes designated Training Academy staff

  • Near any training props or Administration Building

  • On the side of any of the paved roadways or on any landscaped area on the Training Academy grounds that is not specifically designated for parking student vehicles

Students shall not leave the Training Academy prior to class dismissal without notifying the Course Coordinator.

Late students are to report to the Course Coordinator or Lead Instructor upon arrival to the Training Academy.

The use or possession of Alcoholic Beverages and Controlled Dangerous Substances are strictly prohibited.

Smoking inside of the Administration is strictly prohibited. Smoking is permitted outside of the east and west bays. All cigarette or cigar butts shall be disposed of in the container provided.

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Only plastic bottled beverages are permitted in the classrooms. Food is permitted in the break room or picnic areas only.

All students shall police and clean up the Training Academy grounds as necessary or as directed by the Training Academy staff.

Turnout gear shall not be worn inside the Administration Building.

All student pagers and cellular phones shall be placed in the “OFF” position prior to the start of class.

All students will maintain the break room in a neat and clean fashion.

The recommended dress code for students during classroom instruction is business casual. At a minimum all students are required to wear long pants and shirts with sleeves. No open toed shoes or shorts are permitted.

Fire calls will not be considered an excuse for being late or missing a class. Unless specifically requested by his or her department, no student shall leave for an incident in his or her response district.

Verbal examinations can be given for all classes that require a written examination. Students must request a verbal exam one week prior to the scheduled date of the exam by contacting the Course Coordinator.

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Students shall be courteous, disciplined and consistent with the high ideals of the fire service. Proper decorum shall be observed at all times toward fellow students, Training Academy staff and Instructors.

Students are responsible for maintaining any books, equipment, and the buildings made available for their use.

The following are prohibited: Abusive, profane, or obscene language or behavior; horseplay or any disturbance during the class; any form of gambling, sexual harassment, use, possession or introduction of any intoxicants; and reporting to class under the influence of any intoxicants.

Students will follow the chain of command at all times.

Horseplay will not be tolerated. Any such conduct is grounds for dismissal from class or suspension from the drill ground.

Students shall not engage in any non-sanctioned activity that endangers the safety of themselves, fellow students or instructional staff while at the Training Academy.

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All protective clothing worn must meet NFPA & OSHA (Final Rule 29 CFR 1910.156) and New Jersey PEOSHA requirements.

Students who have facial hair that interferes with an SCBA facepiece seal shall not be permitted to participate in any class that requires the use of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). This includes any flammable gas or liquid evolutions per OSHA Final Rule 29 CFR 1910.134, Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health, Sec. 5-3.10 and NFPA std. 1500.

It shall be the student’s responsibility to provide his or her own personal protective equipment for any classes requiring its use.

Self- Contained Breathing Apparatus shall be worn by all students under the following conditions:

  • Oxygen deficient or contaminated atmospheres

  • Elevated temperature environments

  • Below-Grade training evolutions

All students shall wear protective clothing during training evolutions to the discretion of the class instructor or in conformance with recognized safety standards.

All student protective equipment shall be stored in designated areas.

Personal Alert Safety System (PASS) devices must be worn and placed in the “Auto” mode during all training evolutions where an IDLH atmosphere may be present.

Jewelry will not be worn during live fire training. This includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Medic alert bracelets and necklaces are exempt.

Any student participating in live fire training that comes to class with hair that extends past his or her collar, must wear a hair net or arrange such hair so that it does not fall below the collar. Hair enclosed in an OSHA approved fire resistant hood is acceptable.

Students shall report all injuries to the Course Coordinator or Lead Instructor immediately. Students are advised to alert an instructor at any time they experience shortness of breath, chest pain, or excessive fatigue.

Audible and visual warning devices shall be used only while participating in training to simulate actual responses or while responding to actual emergencies per NJ Title 39 laws. Use of audible or visual warning devices are otherwise prohibited.

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MTFD Companies must submit a Facility Request Form for scheduling. It is the responsibility of a Company Officer to verify that the academy facility is available and that they have been scheduled appropriately.

SCBA cylinders may only be refilled by qualified MTFD Cascade Operators.

At least one Safety officer from the Training Academy must be present at any time training evolutions are taking place outdoors. The safety officer may designate more safety personnel that may be required after reviewing the evolution outline.

The Incident Command System shall be implemented during all drill ground training pursuant to N.J.A.C. 5:18C-6.1 and 5:18E P.L. 1995 C266.

All live structural fire attack evolutions shall be in compliance with NFPA 1403, Live Fire Training Evolution in Structures, 1992.

Company Officers shall be responsible for ensuring that each participant is adequately trained to perform the tasks assigned to him or her during the training evolution.

A training evolution may be postponed or denied if an unsafe condition occurs due to weather or integrity of the training academy facility deteriorates.

Only class “A” burn material shall be used in the smokehouse/burn building. No exceptions.

Only nozzles delivering a minimum of 90 gpm shall be used for structural fire attack in the smokehouse/burn building.

All personnel involved in live fire training evolutions are required to utilize Personal Alert Safety Systems.

Use of live victims during live fire or smoke training evolutions is strictly prohibited. All live victims shall be fitted with appropriate harness and safety rope system.

Use of the Confined Space prop requires the certification of all entrants per PEOSHA (N.J.A.C.12:100-9) & OSHA Final Rule 29 CFR 1910.146.

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Please use the new Registration Package for the Firefighter 1 Course. File ends in 1-2016

Submit your Student Registration Forms as early as possible to ensure enrollment in semester courses.

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