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02.05.2021 Spring Firefighter 1 Course
The Training Academy is pleased to announce the Spring Firefighter 1 Course enrollment is open. As always, please submit your Firefighter 1 Course Registration Packages as early as possible. Click here to download the package.

02.15.2020 Winter-Spring Semester Announced
The Training Academy is pleased to release our Winter/Spring course scheduled.  Visit the Courses Page for more details or click here to download a copy.

Be advised enrollment in the Spring 2020 Firefighter 1 Course is now CLOSED.

11.02.2020 Spring 2020 Firefighter 1 Announcement
We are pleased to announce enrollment is open for our Spring 2020 Firefighter 1 course. As always, please submit your Firefighter 1 Course Registration Packages as early as possible. Click here to download the package.

07.06.2019 Fall Firefighter 1 Announcement
This Independence Day weekend, we are pleased to announce enrollment is open for our Fall Firefighter 1 course. As always, please submit your Firefighter 1 Course Registration Packages as early as possible. Click here to download the package.

01.21.2019 Course Announcements
We are pleased to announce another Traffic Incident Management course. Please follow the instructions provided for registration.

10.25.2018 Course Announcements
We are pleased to announce a Traffic Incident Management (TIM) course for November 28th and enrollment for our Spring 2019 Firefighter 1 Course.

Traffic Incident Management
Please follow these instructions to register for the TIM course. Go to and search for Middletown Township Fire Department Training Academy scheduled for November 28th. Click register.

Spring 2019 Firefighter 1
Click here to download the Registration Form

06.29.2018 Fall Firefighter 1
Enrollment is now open. Click here to download the FF1 registration package.

01.22.18 Winter/Spring Semester
We are pleased to release the Winter/Spring 2018 schedule. Fire Instructor 1 is underway. The semester kicks into full swing next month with Firefighter 1 orientation. We always recommend enrolling as early as often. Click here for more information about the schedule. Click here for Firefighter 1 course information.

03.15.17 Breath Easy - Enroll

01.03.17 Happy New Year, Now Let's Train. Enroll now for Ice Rescue!

12.20.16 Winter/Spring 2017 Courses & Scheduling
We are pleased to announce the release of our 2017 courses. Click here for more information.

The semester is highlighted by the very popular Technical Rescue Series-Ice Rescue Level 1 course. Captain Jack Hueston and Chief Rich Michitsch will lead the instruction. Click here for the course announcement.

In addition, our Firefighter 1 program is ready for new recruits and we will offer our very popular Advanced SCBA course. Please submit the appropriate registration forms and submit as early as possible.

Facility scheduling is open for all MTFD companies and will close on February 1st. Any non MTFD companies/departments will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Please contact facility scheduling coordinator Stuart Newman for scheduling. Click here to download the Facility Request Form.

11.29.16 Drill Tower Addition Update
As many of you already know, the project to construct an addition to the drill tower was approved and is moving forward. The addition will significantly enhance our ability to deliver live fire training. We anticipate the construction will be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2017.

While the tower is not available for training until constructed is complete, we are still delivering training with all of our other resources. Please bear with us. We will release the Winter/Spring semester course list shortly.

On behalf of the entire staff, we wish all of you and your families a wonderful holiday season. Stay safe, keep training.

08.09.16 Fall Course Announcements/Academy Update
The first half of the year is a thing of the past. We are gearing up for a very busy fall semester. We have a full course offering for you. First things first.

We are very excited to announce our plan to upgrade the drill tower has been approved. The recently approved and funded project calls for the addition of two live burn rooms to the first floor on the north end of the tower. This addition will significantly enhance our ability to deliver live fire training. We will be breaking ground early this fall.

Unfortunately, the addition will create some challenges for us. The most significant being a challenge to our scheduling ability. The construction timeline is not finalized and therefore, we cannot rely on the tower's availability for the demanding use required for a Firefighter 1 course. Unfortunately the construction project will keep us from delivering our staple program this fall. Firefighter 1 will be back and better than ever in the Winter/Spring of 2017.

We ask for your patience while we enhance our facility to accommodate your training needs.

Now, we have heard your requests and will use the time we have available to deliver many of the classes you have been asking for. In addition to Fall semester staples like Pump Ops and CEVO, we will offer, Rapid Intervention Awareness and Operations, another Advanced SCBA & Air Management, ICS-200 & 300, Cascade Operator and Fire Officer 1. See the Courses page for details. Stay safe and keep training.

02.12.16 Academy Phone
The academy does not staff personnel on site outside of training hours. If you must speak with someone, please contact the Fire Department Secretary at 732-615-2270 and leave a message. Email is the easiest way to contact coordinators and directors. General information and requests may be sent to

01.13.2016 New Fax Number
Please note our fax number has changed. Please send all faxes ATTENTION Training Academy to 732-671-3303.

06.20.15 Spring 2015 Firefighter 1 Course Concludes
The Spring class started on February 18th with orientation and concluded on June 20th with the Putting It All Together exercises and graduation ceremonies. Nineteen students completed the course after nearly two hundred hours of training. Congratulations to all of our graduates. Best of luck in your careers. Stay safe, keep training.

1st Row (L-R) H. Nolan, P. Levey, S. Seymour, K. Potter, R. Dowens, E, Perez, A. D'Altilio &
K. Skelly.
2nd Row (L-R) C. Goetz, L. Pasquale, L. Harrell, F. Zuniga, R. Kraft, R. Terpak, T. Lisowski, N. Joyce, P. Hadinger, J. Ryan & M. Puchacz

06.20.15 Troop 140 Eagle Scout Project
In May of this year, we were approached by the Boy Scouts of Troop 140. They were looking for a worth while project in order to achieve Eagle Scout status. After a meeting and tour of the academy, the Scouts were sure they had found the right place to put their skills to work. Over the course of three weekends, the Scouts and Troop advisers, volunteered their time to improving several areas on the academy grounds.

The Scouts installed a landscape feature at the flag poles, primed and painted the flashover chamber, painted the hydrants & laid a footing base of stone and finally, installed new pull up bars for physical fitness training.

The results of their effort was outstanding. On Saturday, Mayor Murray paid a visit to inspect their work and thank the Scouts on behalf of the Township. We'd like to thank the Troop for all of their hard work and their dedication to service. A special thank you to Jack Blarr, the Eagle Scout who engineered the entire project. We wish Jack and the rest of Troop 140 the best of luck in their future endeavors.

Mayor Stephanie Murray paid a visit to inspect the project and posed with Harrison Blarr.

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