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The Training Academy is available for use Monday thru Sunday during weekday, weeknight and weekend hours. Please contact the Training Academy for more information.

Monday thru Friday Daytime Hours (Upon request)
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Monday thru Friday Evening Hours
7:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Weekend Hours
8:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Middletown Township Fire Department
Training Academy
John Gill Annex
1 Kings Hwy
Middletown, NJ 07748

CLASS HOURS (Subject to change based on course requirements)

Full Day Classes 0800 1600 Hours
Evening Classes 1900 2200 Hours
All students and visitors must park in the Student Parking Lot, located near the main entrance. No exceptions.

Firefighting classes are structured sequentially. For this reason, prerequisites have been established for many classes so that each student will have the necessary background to gain the most from each lesson. Since many classes build upon the knowledge gained in the prerequisite classes, an unprepared student will not only fail to understand some of the material, they will also slow the progress of the entire class. Please note that prerequisites are identified in the class description section for each Academy class. All students must meet all of the prerequisite training prior to the class start date.

If a person has taken a class from an institution other than the Training Academy, which is a prerequisite for an academy class, he or she must supply a copy of the completion documentation at the time of application in order to receive equivalency credit for that class.

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Training Academy Student Registration forms must be submitted two weeks prior to the start of all classes. Please see that all information on the application form is complete, legible, and signed appropriately. Incomplete registration forms may be rejected.

Students will receive an invoice for tuition fees prior to the completion of a course. Tuition costs for each Course can be found in the Course description section. Course completion certificates will not be issued until all tuition fees are submitted.

The Course Coordinator will make confirmations within one week of the class start date. Applicants not receiving confirmations should contact the Training Academy.

Cancellations for any reason may occur up to 24 hours prior to the start of class. Organizations not meeting the cancellation criteria will be held responsible for 25% of the course tuition. Students belonging to organizations that are 30 days in arrears will not be able to register for any courses.

Substitutions may occur up to the start of the class. Substitute students must meet all prerequisites for the class.

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If, for any reason, the Training Academy needs to suspend operations due to weather or unforeseen events, a message shall be broadcast over the Department dispatch frequency. Students enrolled in Training Academy Course shall be notified by the Course Coordinator.

Certificates will be awarded for successful completion of all classes sponsored by the Training Academy.

One hundred percent (100%) attendance is mandatory for all Training Academy courses. Students are responsible for notifying the Course Coordinator of an absence prior to the start of class. Instructors will maintain attendance for all enrolled students. Students are required to attend all lessons before they are evaluated or issued a certificate of completion.

Make ups will be given at the discretion of the Course Coordinator. It is the responsibility of the student to complete all make classes. Any student who has missed lessons of a Training Academy class has one (1) year from the date the lesson was missed to make up the lesson in order to receive a certificate of completion for that class.

Habitual tardiness without a valid excuse may result in dismissal from the class. Any student missing 20% or more of the lessons in any class will be dropped from the class and required to re-apply for the entire class at a later date.

Vending Machines are available on site. Lunch periods will be approximately from 1200 hours to 1300 hours for daytime and weekend classes. Students will be responsible for their own lunch.

Upon arrival, visitors must report to the Course Coordinator, Lead Instructor or other Training Academy Representative immediately. Casual visitors are prohibited from entering the drill ground area or classrooms while training evolutions are in session.

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Firefighting is physically demanding by nature. The tasks required on the drill ground can be challenging and demanding on the human body. The Training Academy recommends all students participating in drill ground training maintain a high level of physical fitness.

No student shall be admitted to class with any physical or other condition that would prevent him or her from actively participating in class activities. No student shall be given credit for any unit of instruction in which he or she did not actively participate. Students who do not actively participate in any portion of the class will not be given a Certificate of Completion, and will not be eligible to return for other classes for which the uncompleted class is a prerequisite. All rules shall conform to the requirements of the American Disabilities Act.

Please use the new Registration Package for the Firefighter 1 Course. File ends in 1-2016

Submit your Student Registration Forms as early as possible to ensure enrollment in semester courses.

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