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11.15.14 Fall Firefighter 1 Graduates
The class met all of their State mandated training requirements and completed graduation ceremonies on November 15th. Congratulations and good luck to all of the newest firefighters.

Fall 2014 Firefighter 1 Class
1st. row (L-R) M. Volker, C. Mildorf, M. Oden, D. Polvino, R. Wickman, K. Kane Jr., A. Zuniga
2nd. row (L-R) V. Gaona, S. Chenoweth, M. Nosti, W. Grundmann, A. Navarro, M. Daugherty,
J. Woodhead, T. Poyner

06.05.14 Spring Firefighter 1 Course Final Exercises & Graduation
The Spring class is wrapping up. The recruits will participate in the "Putting It All Together" exercises on Saturday June 7th. Exercises commence at 0800 hours. Visitors must park in the main lot and follow safety boundaries.

Graduation ceremonies are scheduled for Tuesday June 10th at 1930 hours. The ceremony will be held in the gymnasium at Thorne Middle School located at 70 Murphy Road in Middletown.

Spring 2014 Firefighter 1 Class
1st. row (L-R) J. Ruhman, R. Nigro, C. Donnelly, D. Osborn, R. Gorski, J. Susser, J. DeShong, C. Whelen, E. Taylor, H. Bane III, M. Fisher. 2nd. row (L-R) K. Covert, L. Nunez, J. Chenoweth, J. Little Jr., Brian Kost, N. Gunsauls, A. Hill, J. Michitsch, T. Poyner, N. Simmons, G. Honnen. 3rd. row (L-R) A. Siciliano, R. Benson, M. Deickmann, J. Wood, J. Valentine, A. Dougherty, T. Dombrowski, B. MacDonald, J. Hopler.

06.04.14 Updated Firefighter 1 Course Registration Package
We've made some minor changes to our form. Please discard any old forms and begin using the new form immediately. Old forms will no longer be accepted. Click here to download the updated form or go to the Forms Page.

05.04.14 What a semester!
The Spring semester has reached its peak and the academy has been buzzing with activity lately. A large Firefighter 1 class has anchored the activity as they enter the rigorous hands on training portion of their class. Last month, the Advanced SCBA & Air Management students tested their endurance. This month the student of the Truck Company Operations course learned new skills and honed old ones.

Our staff continues to push the boundaries of innovation with quality instruction and challenging training props. A sincere thank you is in order to all of the fantastic students who participated thus far. Your effort and success is why we do what we do. Great job!

Lieutenant Nicholas Hubbard Jr. of Little Silver cuts through the shackle on a padlock prop during the Truck Company Operations course.

03.01.14 Technical Difficulty
We apologize for the lack of website updates and telephone issues. We have been experiencing significant issues with our website software. The problem has been resolved and the site will be updated regularly. Additionally, our main telephone line is inoperable. The weather is likely to blame and the issue has been difficult to diagnose. Township support staff are working to correct this. Be advised, we do not have access to out voicemail system. If you need to contact us, please email us at our address. We apologize in advance for an inconveniences this has caused.

06.12.13 The Winter/Spring Semester Concludes
After five months, fourteen open enrollment courses, and dozens of drills, the Winter/Spring semester finally concluded Sunday afternoon. Over five hundred and fifty students were trained in open enrollment courses and hundreds more in custom delivery and drill ground instruction.

The staff is in the final stages of planning the Fall semester and it is shaping up to be a great one. Please check back soon for more information. Thank you to all of our members and customers for your dedication to training. Great job.

06.11.13 The Spring 2013 Firefighter 1 Class Graduates
This class began on February 23rd with 23 recruits from 13 different companies/departments. After 3 1/2 months,  43 classes, 3 physical fitness assessments, 2 State exams and over 190 hours of training, the Spring 2013 Firefighter 1 class finally graduated. Ceremonies were held at Thompson Middle School Tuesday night. A fantastic effort by a very good class. Congratulations to all of our new firefighters in your careers.

Some of the new Firefighters prepare to receive their certificates during the graduation ceremonies.

Spring 2013 Firefighter 1 Class
1st. row (L-R) B. Scott, D. Eluzzi, T. Wolf, R. Svenson Jr., M. Daneman, J. Baccellieri, M. Rance, A. Washington.
2nd. row (L-R) T.White, R. Ross, W. Hrehowsik, S. Lisowski II, N. Costa, B. Thompson, K. Countryman, R. Winthers, S. Hueston, A. VanWagoner.

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06.09.13 Technical Rescue Wraps Up
Twelve students from 6 local departments finished up their training Sunday morning. The 21 hour class included a lecture and hands on training that met the requirements in NFPA 1006 for Subchapter 5 (Principles) and Rope Rescuer Level 1. Students who successfully completed the Principles portion now meet the prerequisites for the Vehicle & Machinery Rescue course planned for the Fall semester.

Students in the Principles class perform a low angle evolution during training.

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06.08.13 Putting It All Together A Success
The Spring 2013 Firefighter 1 recruits reported early for one more long day of training. All four squads spent the day responding to mock incidents throughout the day. Putting It All Together is designed to make final preparations for the Recruits before graduating and reporting to their companies for duty. The class performed near flawlessly and earned their stripes under the tutelage of academy staff members.

First Squad, led by Instructor Ron Burkhardt Jr., arrives on location and assumes truck company duties during an evolution on the final day of training.

04.21.13 Advanced SCBA & Air Management Course a Success
This Sunday another class of 18 students from 6 area departments participated in the final hours of this semester's Advanced SCBA & Air Management course. Lessons included everything from emergency breathing techniques and air consumption rate exercises to point of no return recognition and reduced profile maneuvers. Each student was challenged physically and mentally and will return to their companies better off for it. We look forward to the next course. Great job by all.

Here a Little Silver FF navigates the attic portion of the confidence course in zero visibility conditions. Zero visibility scenarios are played out throughout the course to reinforce skills in stressful situations.

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03.10.13 New Training Tip
Don’t Just be a Firefighter: Take Responsibility for Your Training

This week's new training tip is an article from Firehouse Magazine. Read more.

02.24.13 New Training Tip
Captain Jack Hueston discusses fireground tips for Company Officers. Read more.

02.23.13 Spring Firefighter 1 Course Commences
Twenty three new Recruits reported to the Training Academy for instruction this morning. The long road to becoming Firefighters began with an inspection, orientation and equipment distribution. The Recruits report back for their first lesson Tuesday night. Good luck to all of our hopeful candidates.

The Recruits of the Spring 2013 Firefighter 1 course receive orientation on their first day.

02.16.13 New Training Tip
Captain David A. D'Arcy provides a look at two important aspects of thermal imaging technology. Read more.

02.13.13 Thermal Imaging Course
Last night nineteen students from around the County with various levels of experience sat in on the lecture and participated in the TIC workshop. With a focus on the technology behind the TIC, applications and techniques those in attendance left class feeling more confident in the TIC's abilities and their own to effectively use it. Mission accomplished.  Look for a new Training Tip on this subject later this week.

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02.01.13 New Firefighter 1 Course Page
We've created a new page for Firefighter 1 Recruits and Company Officers to use as a resource during the course. Users will find up to date schedules, reference materials and links to be used by Recruits for their education. The page link has been added to the navigation bar on the left of our website.

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01.02.13 New Year Brings New Training Opportunity
Happy New Year! The Training Academy would like to wish a safe and healthy 2013 to everyone. We are eager to see you all at the training academy for another great year of fire service training.

We are pleased to announce the release of the 2013 Winter/Spring Course Catalog. We are confident our offerings will meet your training needs. The semester kicks off on February 2nd with the Annual Refresher. Register early and often to take advantage.

Also released is our newly revised Subscription Service. We have designed a series of packages to meet the needs of any Company or Department and
keep your training costs down. By subscribing to the Training Academy you can secure the level of training you desire for one (1) fee. We’ve designed three (3) custom subscriptions to meet the needs of any Company or Department. Subscribers can save up to 30% on a subscription and the packages each offer their own set of advantages.

12.29.12 New Plans & Programs Director Appointed
Thomas Wieczerzak was appointed to the vacant position. Tom is an experienced member of the fire service and well seasoned staff member. His primary responsibilities will include facility and staff scheduling and HR for the instructor staff. Good luck Tom.

11.25.12 Fall Firefighter 1 Class Graduates
After 3 1/2 months, over 180 hours of training, a hurricane and a two week delay in training, the Firefighters of the Fall 2012 Firefighter 1 class finally graduated.

The future is sure to hold good things for these new Firefighters. We wish you all the best of luck. Stay safe, keep training.

1st. Row (L-R) E. Van Schaack, K. Barlow, A. Cook, L. Vamvas, J. Velez-Bey.
2nd. Row (L-R) M. Mittiga, S. Powers, W. Story, T. Bane, J. Merkel, D. Richards.

10.24.12 Semester Updates
Unfortunately, the Rapid Intervention Operations Course was canceled due to low enrollment. The course will be offered again next Fall.

There is still an opportunity to register for the Calling the Mayday course (#12-1212-54). Please register now before it's too late.

The Pump Operations course was a success yet again. Sixteen students from six departments attended the course. We offer the course every Fall.

The semester will conclude on November 17th with the graduation ceremonies for the Fall 2012 Firefighter 1 class. Ceremonies will be held on at 1300 hours at Bayshore Middle School.

09.21.12 Fall Semester is in Full Swing
The Training Academy is hoping with activity as the fall semester is officially in full swing. The Vehicle & Machinery Rescue class is shaping up to be quite the challenge for our students. Interested in the course next time? Stop out this weekend to get a glimpse of the scenarios we have planned.

The Recruits of the Fall Firefighter 1 class are nearing the midway point in their training. Graduation is scheduled for November 17th.

On September 19th students who attended, received instruction on how to run a Large Diameter Hose Pipeline Strike Team. This class is a must for officers who's companies operate in a Pipeline.

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07.22.12 Station 11 Fights Fire with Foam
Early Sunday morning Station 11 arrived at our facility to complete their hands on training for an in-house Firefighting Foam Operations course. The members were met with flammable liquid fires of all sizes. They put their newly learned knowledge of foam tactics to the test, successfully setting up foam operations and extinguishing multiple flammable liquid fires.

Foam operations must begin with the proper size up. Firefighters need to know what type of flammable liquid and how much of it they are dealing with. Determining the square footage, the appropriate application rate and proportioning rate will determine how much foam concentrate is needed. Foam operations should not be started until enough foam is on scene to extinguish the fire. Check back soon for a related training tip.


07.19.12 Station 9 Goes Thermal
Early this year, Station 9 requested several training drills and in-house courses from the Training Academy in hopes of providing a quality year of training for their members. The academy gladly obliged and a schedule was set. On July 19th, the academy delivered the Thermal Imaging Operations course for Station 9's members. The course which covers technical aspects of the TIC, application and techniques, was well received by the members. The class often times changes a firefighter's perspective on how they view object through a TIC. The Training Academy has plans to offer the course in the Winter/Spring semester of 2013.

07.17.12 South Wall Pump Ops
Last week we traveled down to Wall Township and spent the week with the crew from South Wall Fire & Rescue. The reason...Pump Operations. Thirteen members of the company attended the course, held over two nights and two days of training. The course concluded on Sunday with drafting and relay operations.

Be sure to check out our Fall Semester schedule for dates on our upcoming Pump Ops Course.

07.10.12 NFPA & DFS Issue Safety Alerts
Last week the NFPA released a safety alert regarding SCBA face pieces. Read the NFPA release here. This week the NJ DFS followed up the release with a Safety Alert of its own. Click here to download. Most of this information came to light as a result of a study conducted by NIST in 2011. Click here to download the report. To summarize what the NFPA released:

Exposure to high temperature environments, which firefighters can encounter during fires they are attempting to extinguish, can result in the thermal degradation or melting of a Self- Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) facepiece lens, resulting in elimination of the protection meant for the user’s respiratory system and exposing the user to products of combustion and super heated air.

Firefighters should follow manufacturer recommendations for care and maintenance of all SCBA components. Routine inspection of SCBA face pieces is critical to ensuring user safety. Firefighters should inspect their face pieces before and after each use. It is also recommended that face pieces be inspected at least once monthly.

SCBA facepiece lenses showing evidence of exposure to intense heat is an indication of thermal degradation and potential failure. Any SCBA facepiece lens found to have cracks, crazing, bubbling, deformation, discoloring, gaps or holes should be immediately removed from service and a replacement issued.

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06.16.12 Spring Firefighter 1 Class Graduates
Saying that becoming a Firefighter is a big commitment is an understatement. Ask the graduates of the Spring 2012 Firefighter 1 class and they'll tell you just how big it is. After attending 177 hours of lectures, quizzes, hands on and final exams, the Spring class graduated, officially becoming Firefighter's. The ceremony, attended by approximately 300 friends, family and supporting firefighters, was executed flawlessly by the newest 23 Firefighters as they received their helmets and certificates.

The Training Academy wishes our newest brother's and sister all the best in their career's. We'll see you on the fire grounds.

1st. Row (L-R) B. Goldwyn, N. Quiles, N. Figaro, M. Greco, C. Burbank, W. Bruno, P. Arminas.
2nd. Row (L-R) D. Howard, C. D'Altilio, M. Schubert, J. Smith, F. Saborido, J. Bruno,
R. Donahue, D. DesBiens.
3rd. Row (L-R) C. Annunziata, D. Fowler, S. McBride, D. Grobben, J. Evans, S. Crystian,
S. Fowler, T. Kennedy

06.09.12 Firefighter 1 Class Final Exercises
On June 9th the Spring 2012 Firefighter 1 Class participated in the "Putting It All Together" exercise. The twenty three member recruit class ran seventeen mock incidents throughout the day. The class was challenged with small scale incidents like rubbish fires to full scale structure fires.

The class will officially graduate on June 16th. The graduation ceremonies will be held at 1PM in the All Purpose Room of Bayshore Middle School. All are welcome.

FF1 recruits respond to a working fire in the tower. Units arriving on scene were met with locked door requiring forcible entry and heavy fire conditions.

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05.18.12 Training Tip
In this week's Training Tip, Tom Wieczerzak discusses the 5-10-20 Rule & Air Bag Safety. Read more.

05.17.12 Station 9 Bails Out
On Thursday night Station 9 members came prepared to work. Officer's wanted the company to receive an overview of emergency escape or bailout procedures. With no escape system currently in use here in Middletown, Station 9 members were instructed on a number of "No Frills" techniques.

Head first ladder escapes, personal escape rope, webbing harnesses and other techniques were all conducted. Each member was given the opportunity to perform each procedure and executed them flawlessly.

Remember the Priorities of Rescue/Escape come into play before the decision to "Bailout" is made. If all avenues of rescue/escape are are not available, going out the window is our last option.

  1. Interior stairs

  2. Horizontal exits

  3. Fire escapes

  4. Ladders

  5. Escape rope

Like calling a Mayday, this type of procedure is a Low Frequency, High Consequence scenario. Training in these procedures on a regular basis will increase a firefighter's window of survivability. A great drill for any firefighter.

FF Brian Mavrinac uses his SCBA harness and a caribiner with life safety rope to safely rappel out of an upper floor window.

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05.15.12 Mercedes Benz Delivers
As a prelude to our upcoming Vehicle & Machinery Rescue course, Course Coordinator Tom Wieczerzak wanted to prep our staff for the newer technology found in modern vehicle construction. Modern vehicle design presents a number of challenges when rescue of a trapped passenger is involved.

When Tom went asking for partners in the automotive industry, Mercedes Benz answered. Mercedes Benz Product Analysis Engineer Teddy Vaughn secured and had donated a brand new GL 320 for our use. Yes, that's right, we destroyed a perfectly good $85,000 Mercedes Benz, but all for a good reason.

Following a thorough product overview in the classroom, Mr. Vaughn demonstrated the deployment of the passenger compartment air bags. Our staff then went to work making several experimental cuts to defeat the reinforced construction of this modern SUV. Designs in the air bag system, new lightweight reinforced steal and Boron components proved to be challenging and led to several good discussions and refined techniques.

In all, the GL 320 proved to be invaluable. Needless to say, our staff members are better prepared to provide a high level of training to our students. Another example of how our staff dedicates themselves to the craft of education. We cannot thank Mr. Vaughn and Mercedes Benz enough for this fantastic opportunity.

If a comprehensive motor vehicle extrication course is what you're looking for, be sure to enroll in the Technical Rescuer-Vehicle & Machinery Rescue Level I (#12-1218-46) Course this fall.

The donated Mercedes Benz GL 320 before.

The donated Mercedes Benz GL 320 after.

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05.01.12 Extrication Training
Fire & EMS must work side by side when it comes to motor vehicle crashes with entrapped occupants. On Tuesday night, Fairview First Aid & Station 9 worked on their extrication skills in a number of scenarios under the direction of Training Academy Instructor Tom Wieczerzak.

If motor vehicle extrication training is what you're looking for, be sure to check out our new Technical Rescuer Series course based on the NFPA 1006 Standard this Fall. Vehicle & Machinery Rescue Level I, Course # 12- 1218-46, begins September 18th.

Instructor Wieczerzak supervises as Station 9 members perform a skill. Photo by D. Wieczerzak.

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04.18.12 New Training Tip
This week's training tip by Dave D'Arcy focuses on an ever popular topic, Air Management. Read more.

04.17.12 Advanced SCBA & Air Management Concludes and Begins Again
Thirty firefighters in two groups completed last weeks class on Sunday. This week's class began last night with a lecture delivered by Instructor Dave D'Arcy. Firefighters will continue Wednesday with emergency breathing techniques, reduced profile maneuvers and entanglement hazards. Sunday proves to be more of a challenge with Air Consumption Rate exercises, Low and No Air Maneuvers, Confidence Course and Team Relay Air Management exercises.

FF Craig Dombrowski performs the prone reduced profile maneuver.

04.05.12 Student Registration Form Updated
We have updated our student registration form to include NJ EMT certification numbers. EMT's should list their numbers on registration forms to ensure CEU's are granted for applicable courses. See our Forms page to download a copy.

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04.01.12 Firefighter 2 Students on the Home Stretch
This semester's FF2 class is winding down and nearing the end of their training. Students will have spent over 108 hours enhancing their knowledge of the fire service and emergency response.

On Sunday April 1st, FF2 students trained along side the Special Services Emergency Response Team. Students participated in a confined space rescue operation to satisfy the requirements of the course job performance requirements.

The course wraps up on April 24th when the students will challenge the final exam. Those who successfully challenge will be eligible to obtain their State FF2 Certification from the Division of Fire Safety.

03.30.12 DFS Brochure Released
The Division of Fire Safety has released its Spring Brochure. All course offerings are free to all firefighters in NJ. As always, we strongly encourage our firefighters to take advantage of the great opportunities.

03.29.12 Course Cancelations
The Technical Rescuer - Rope Level 1 (#12-1205-29), Building Construction for the Fire Service (#12-1007-14) and Emergency Medical Response (#12-1602-19)  courses has been canceled due to low enrollment.

03.16.12 History of the Irish in the Fire Service
This month our Training Tip serves to educate our readers on the colorful history of Irish American's in the American Fire Service. Chris Ayotte takes a look inside a proud people, the Irish. Read more.

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03.11.12 Sixteen More Firefighters Attend Rapid Intervention Training
On Sunday morning, Station 9 members attended a three hour Rapid Intervention Awareness course at the Training Academy. Many of these Station 9 firefighters plan to move onto advanced training in Rapid Intervention this semester.

03.08.12 Confined Space Awareness Course is Full
This course (#12-1207-17) has reached the maximum number of enrollments. Student Registration Forms received from this point on will be placed on a waiting list.

03.02.12 Rope Rescue Principles Course Canceled
This course (#12-1201-15) has been canceled due to low enrollment.

02.27.12 Healthcare Provider Course this Weekend (#12-1601-28)
The Training Academy offers several CPR & AED courses a year. Take advantage of this one day offering. This course is open to Fire, Police, EMS and the general public. Tuition is only $25.00. Registration ends Thursday March 1st.

02.26.12 NJ Boating Safety Course a Success
The Training Academy successfully certified another 26 students to operate a power vessel on NJ waterways. Don't miss the next opportunity to enroll and receive your Boating Certification.

02.16.12 NJ Basic Fire Police Course Canceled
This course (#12-1003-06) has been canceled due to low enrollment.

02.16.12 ICS-200 and Firefighter 2 Courses Begin Tonight at 1900 Hours
Students attending these courses should arrive 15 minutes early for class and report to the West Classroom. Course materials will be provided.

02.15.12 Advanced SCBA & Air Management Course is Full
This course (#12-1102-13) has reached the maximum number of enrollments. Student Registration Forms received from this point on will be placed on a waiting list.

01.14.12 Additional Healthcare Provider Course Added
Due to high demand, we have added an additional CPR & AED course to the semester. Register today for the March 4th offering (#12-1601-28). This course is certified by the American Heart Association and open to he general public. Click here for more information.

01.12.12 Full Release of 2012 Winter/Spring Catalog
The full version of the semester catalog is now available. Inside you'll find our course descriptions, prerequisites and tuition fees. Find out what's new this year and learn about our new subscription package.

12.30.11 2012 Winter/Spring Schedule Released
The Training Academy is proud to release the Semester Course Offering. Students can enroll in over 25 quality programs to meet their training needs.  The full course catalog will follow shortly.

12.28.11 Early Course Offerings Released
Take advantage of these two early course offerings. Click here to download a Student Registration Form.

National Fire Incident Reporting System
"An Introduction to Firehouse Web"
Course#: 12-1009-01
Date: Thursday January 12, 2012
Time: 1900 hours
Tuition: No Charge

Annual Refresher Program
Course #: 12-1801
Date: Sunday January 15, 2012
Time: 1900 hours
Tuition: $25.00

12.27.11 Winter/Spring Semester Catalog Coming Soon
The course catalog for the upcoming semester will be published by week's end. Students can expect courses such as Fire Officer 1, Rapid Intervention Operations, Firefighter 1 and others.

11.22.11 Unsafe Practices
Matt Spears discusses Unsafe Practices in this week's Training Tip. Read more.

11.19.11 Fall Semester Comes to an End
Another fantastic Fall semester of course offerings concluded Saturday. This semester our staff trained firefighters from throughout the State on quality programs such as Ropes & Rigging, Technical Rescuer: Rope Level I & II, Rapid Intervention Awareness and Operations and Advanced SCBA & Air Management. Likewise, the Training Academy continues to expand our course offerings to the general public. The Boating Safety and CPR courses provided many local residents with the training they desired.

The Training Academy continues to push our training programs to new heights. Sticking to our core belief in quality programs and using subject matter experts to deliver specific areas of instruction has proven to be a successful model. The Board of Directors is already busy planning what is sure to be a very exciting Spring semester. We are confident our students will be just as excited about the offerings to come. Thank you to all of our students and supporters for your hard work all semester. We'll see you in 2012. Stay safe, keep training.

11.19.11 Gemtor Course Concludes
On Saturday morning firefighters from Middletown, Wayside and Cheesequake took part in and completed the hands on portion of the Gemtor Fire Service Harness and Life Saving Rope procedures course. This course is designed to provide the student with a working knowledge of the Gemtor harness for all applications. Students are also instructed on the single slide bailout and lowering techniques.

FF Alex Czaplicki performs a pick-off during the lowering evolution.

11.15.11 Extending the Stretch
In this week's Training Tip, Captain Dave D'Arcy discusses extending the hose stretch during high-rise and standpipe operations. Read more.

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11.13.11 Calling the Mayday
The Rapid Intervention Operations Course concluded today with the Calling the Mayday module. The students participated in the National Fire Academy course consisting of lecture and hands on training. The video below shows a firefighter falling through a floor prop. Students in this course are required to recognize the Mayday parameters and properly call the Mayday.


10.31.11 Multi Force Prop Arrives
On Saturday October 29th, the Training Academy took delivery of our newest training prop. Mike Perrone and the folks at Firehouse Innovations (FHI) delivered our brand new Multi-Force Forcible Entry Training Door System. Instructors in attendance received a Train the Trainer session from FHI employees. The prop will be available for scheduling on November 1st, 2011. See our Facility page for more information.

10.30.11 Rapid Intervention Operations
Hands on training for this semester's course began on Sunday. Firefighters conducted training in the use of emergency air supply systems, firefighter carries & drags and rope assisted search techniques.

The next set of skills will include Grade to Grade Rescue and Upper Floor Removal of firefighters. This 24-hour course is offered several times a year by the Training Academy.

Instructor Donald "Gene" DeRogatis instructs FF Ken Gaylin (Unexcelled Fire Co.) on the use of the UAC.

10.28.11 Holding the Nozzle
In this week's Training Tip, Captain Jack Hueston discusses the proper technique for holding the nozzle. Read more.

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10.23.11 Pump Operations Course Concludes
Firefighters from three departments successfully completed the Pump Operations course this weekend. The twenty two hour course that spanned four days, prepared driver trainees and would be operators on fire service pumps. Most of the attendees had the opportunity to work on their own company apparatus. Good luck to the new or soon to be operators from Middletown, Tinton Falls and Scotch Plains.

Students utilize a Fol-Da-Tank to conduct drafting operations.

10.20.11 Flashover Awareness
Video of Firefighters in South Bend, Indiana who were recently caught in a flashover has sparked a lot of discussion. Captain Christopher K. Ayotte discusses Flashover Awareness in this week's Training Tip. Read more. Watch the video.

10.15.11 Advanced SCBA & Air Management Course Concludes
A group of Firefighters from five (5) different Departments completed this recent course. The students in this course worked extremely well together and accomplished all of the course goals. Several of he course attendees will be returning for the upcoming Rapid Intervention Operations course.

10.13.11 CPR & AED Healthcare Provider Course is Full
The upcoming American Heart Association Healthcare Provider course is now full. Registrations received from this point forward will be placed on a waiting list. The Training Academy will offer another course early in 2012. Check back for updates.

10.11.11 Fire Prevention Week
This year's theme for Fire Prevention week is "Protect You Family From Fire". According to a United States Fire Administration report, an estimated 374,900 residential building fires are reported to U.S. fire departments each year and cause an estimated 2,630 deaths, 13,075 injuries, and $7.6 billion in property loss.

Cooking is the leading cause of residential building fires, followed by heating.

Residential building fires peak over the evening dinner hours when cooking fires are prevalent.

For more information on Fire Prevention Week log on to the USFA website here.

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10.08.11 Rope Level I & II Course Concludes
The firefighters who enrolled in the 24 hour course, may have gotten more than they bargained for. The course, which met all of the NFPA 1006 requirements, enabled the students to develop skills in advanced rope techniques. From rappelling to litter tending and ascending to high lines, the course provided a solid foundation for these new technical rescuers. Almost all of the students will be joining the Special Service Emergency Response Team as Technical Rescue component members.

Left photo: Chief Michael Lee ascends using prusik cords. Photo right: Firefighter Michael Scott inverts to perform a rescue.

10.07.11 New Training Academy Patch
After several revisions the Board of Directors are proud to release the new Training Academy patch. The new patch symbolizes the professionalism displayed by the Academy's founders and all those who have proudly served on staff over the years. The former patch, in service since the early 1980's, will be memorialized in display case hung in the Academy halls.

Special thank you to Tinton Falls Firefighter James Crawford for his artistic guidance and design of the new patch.


09.29.11 Gemtor Course Added to Semester
The Training Academy has added another Gemtor training course to the end of the semester. This is a 12 hour program intended to provide the student with an overview of the harness and life saving rope procedures. This course will also provide the student with the Gemtor's multiple uses in rescue operations. For more information click here.

09.10.11 Ropes & Rigging Course
Students in the Basic Ropes & Rigging Course were exposed to a number of basic rope concepts that included anchor, lowering and rappelling systems. Instructors Kevin Fitzhenry and Donald DeRogatis Jr. kept the class busy with a number of skills throughout the day. Next up for this group of students will be the NFPA Rope Level I & II course later this month.

Instructors Fitzhenry and DeRogatis look on as these students practice anchor systems.

09.07.11 NJ Division of Fire Safety Fall Courses
Today the DFS released its Fall Semester brochure. The courses offered by DFS are free to all firefighters in the state. Download a copy here.

09.01.11 Technical Rescuer Course Update
The upcoming Technical Rescuer-Rope Level I & II course is full. Registrations received from this point forward will be put on a waiting list.

08.19.11 RIC Staging
Captain Matt Spears discusses where to stage the Rapid Intervention Crew in this weeks Training Tip. Read more.

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08.14.11 Boating Safety Course Delivered
On August 14th, twenty nine students successfully completed the New Jersey Boating Safety certification course. Students who successfully complete this course receive their certification operate any vessel on NJ waterways. Interested in this course? The Training Academy generally offers this course three times yearly.

08.12.11 Estimating the Hose Stretch
Captain Jack Hueston discusses estimating the hose stretch in this weeks Training Tip. Read more.

08.05.11 Building Construction
Captain John Drucker discusses building construction types in this weeks Training Tip. Read more.

08.05.11 Pump Operator Skills
On July 31st the training academy delivered a full day of pump operator refresher training for Station 6. Qualified, new and soon to be operators participated in several skills evolutions designed to both review and refine their abilities.

Instructor Jack Hueston makes the drafting tank ready for use.

08.04.11 Boating Safety Course Update
The Boating Safety Course scheduled for August 14th is full. Registrations received from this point forward will be placed on a waiting list. Students will be contacted in the order in which we received their registration forms.

07.30.11 Pressurized Water Cans
Staff member Marcelo Aguirre discusses use of water cans during search in this week's Training Tips. Read more.

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07.29.11 The Training Academy is now on Twitter
The Social Media market is growing by the minute. We're doing our part to keep up with the fast paced needs our students and customers. Keep up with what's happening at the academy. Follow us on Twitter @MTFDAcademy.

07.23.11 Robertsville Pump Operations Course
In early July, the Robertsville Volunteer Fire Company (Marlboro Fire District #2) secured the services of the Training Academy to deliver a Pump Operations course for its members. Throughout the week of July 11, staff members traveled to Marlboro and delivered a custom designed course utilizing Robertsville's hall for lectures and several local sites for hands on training. The students who attended were trained on their own apparatus exposing them to as much actual pump panel time as possible. The final hands on portion of the course was delivered on July 17th. Fourteen members completed the training.

07.22.11 Heat Related Injuries
Staff member Rich Michitsch discusses heat related injuries in this week's training tip. Read more.

07.02.11 Training Academy Launches YouTube Page
The Training Academy is utilizing web content and social media to every advantage possible. Our new YouTube page will feature short video segments on a variety of training topics. Send in your requests to have our staff produce a training video. Click here to visit the page and subscribe to follow us.

07.01.11 Training Academy Expands Offerings to the Public
The Training Academy continues to expand its course offerings to provide valuable training opportunities to the general public. This year the Training Academy is offering another open enrollment Boating Safety course.

All persons who wish to operate a power vessel must possess a Boating Safety Certificate. Successful completion of this course will result in a Boating Safety Certificate issued by the New Jersey State Police. Click here more more information. Civilians who wish to attend this course must submit a registration form. Click here to download the form.

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06.30.11 Fall Semester Approved
The Fall 2011 semester begins on August 2nd. The Board of Directors are proud to offer another semester of quality training programs to the fire service. Please see our course catalog for more information.

06.30.11 Spring Firefighter I Class Graduates
This year’s Spring semester concluded on June 23rd with the graduation of the Spring Firefighter I class. Fifteen Recruits from Middletown, Ocean, Tinton Falls, Fair Haven and Union Beach began their training on March 26th.

After three and a half months of hard work and dedication, the graduating Firefighters successfully complete their “Putting It All Together” evolutions and performed to perfection during the graduation ceremonies.

Congratulations to all of the graduates and good luck in your careers.

1st row (L to R) Daniel Dunn Jr., Donald Hatter, Joseph Tietz, Ashley Bracken, Mark Williams, Richard Houghton, Ryan Maguire.
2nd row (L to R) Scott Ritter, Brian Mavrinac, Jordan Bishop, James Longstreet, Robert Henne, Michael Estelle Jr., Michael Navarro, Timothy Anderson.

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Please use the new Registration Package for the Firefighter 1 Course. File ends in 1-2016

Submit your Student Registration Forms as early as possible to ensure enrollment in semester courses.

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