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The Middletown Township Fire Department Training Academy is a State certified, Tier 1 Fire & Emergency Services Training Facility. The Training Academy provides training on all levels to the Fire Department and the surrounding communities.

The Training Academy strives to deliver the highest level of training to those who pass through our gates. Our highly qualified staff of certified instructors works tirelessly to produce desirable programs and challenging drills. In addition to State mandated programs like Firefighter I and II, our staff develops customs programs relevant to current trends in the fire service.

Open enrollment courses are delivered during two annual semesters. The Spring semester generally runs from February through June and the Fall semester from August through November. For more information about the courses we offer, see our Courses page.

The instructor staff is also responsible for delivering drill ground training for firefighters. Utilizing a versatile drill ground assists the staff in meeting the needs of our students. For more information about the facility, see our Facility page.

In the early 1970's several progressive thinking members of the Fire Department realized the value in having a place for Middletown Firefighters to train. A secluded, limited access piece of property in the Red Bank section of the Township was chosen and  in 1974 the Training Academy was born.

The Training Academy began as a modest location with minimal facilities available for training. Many of the early props used were donated, salvaged and built by the membership of the Department. Over the years the Training Academy generated funds and received support from the Township to expand on the property. Over the last 37 years the Training Academy has added several versatile buildings, training props and storage facilities.

As the facility expanded so did the quality of training. Today the Training Academy is the primary training location for dozens of Fire Department and Emergency Services agencies in Monmouth County.

Circa 1984 Circa 2011

The mission of the Middletown Township Fire Department Training Academy is to achieve training excellence through superior educational opportunities in all aspects of emergency services with a minimum of barriers, to all motivated persons at the lowest possible cost to the student and public.

The Training Academy accomplishes its mission by delivering traditional and progressive curriculum, skills and ideas while following Local, State and Federal codes, standards and regulations and by staffing the most qualified, certified, professional and experienced Fire and Emergency Service Instructors. The Instructors maintain an active role in the fire service to ensure their safety and improve the quality of life for those trained and the citizens of Middletown Township and surrounding communities.

Please use the new Registration Package for the Firefighter 1 Course. File ends in 1-2016

Submit your Student Registration Forms as early as possible to ensure enrollment in semester courses.

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